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Event Food Waste: Can we really get rid of it?

If you are an event planner or someone who is looking forward to organizing an event while minimizing waste, then this article is for you. We can all agree that one of the hardest things to predict while planning an event is the amount of food that is going to be consumed. In most cases, […]

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The Pareto Principle In Hospitality: Menu Developement

You invested a lot of time and energy at your workplace. And now you have tapped that opportunity you’ve been waiting for; a promotion to become a manager. We have established an outline of reliable solutions targetting specific issues, be it improving inventory control, and staff evaluation. But now you face another challenge ahead of […]

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Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Cocktails: Trends, Flavour, and Craft

Trends like Sober Curiosity and Sustainable Mixology are popping up throughout the hospitality industry for the past few years. And recently as 2016, more and more non-alcoholic options such as beer, wine, and spirits have been hitting the market to meet the ever-growing demands coming from Millennials and Generation Z. Despite some criticism throughout the […]

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The Pareto Principle in Hospitality: Inventory Control

Build Systems for Forecasting, Ordering, and Prepping Inventory control can be in a way for most people a very mundane, repetitive practice that consumes most of your day and you’re left with a solemn feeling towards the end. But it will always be an asset for preventing waste and to better prep for your establishment […]

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Benefits Of Serving Small Portion Size In Restaurants.

Serving small portion sizes is the new trend in the hospitality industry. The volatile nature of the hospitality industry has led to the introduction of new innovative concepts and trends. Visiting a restaurant now is more of an experience than just an alternative to cooking food at home. What was once a luxury found only […]

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Tackling Household Food Waste Made Simple.

What if I told you that you could afford that trip to Thailand this year if you stopped wasting food and started buying more wisely. Sounds ridiculous, right! Well, the current statistics on household wastage of food says otherwise. According to ReFED, $144 billion worth of food is wasted annually in the US alone. In […]

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The Pareto Principle in Hospitality

How a theory that is usually applied in economics is applicable in hospitality? In 1905, an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto introduced a very insightful development. He discovered that only 20% of Italians were responsible for 80% of the nation’s wealth. Later, he found it to be true in France, Germany, and in the Netherlands. But […]

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Tackling Food Waste – Volume 01

Food waste! Even though it sounds like a small issue, it’s much bigger than what it looks like. 1.3 billion tonnes of food gets wasted each year globally, and the numbers are increasing. Consumers and retailers in developed countries throw 30 – 40% of all food purchased. Countries like Australia, USA & Turkey are the […]

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Thailand Startup 2019

A Week of Innovation, Community, and Coordination towards a bright future. Since it’s inauguration back in 2015, Thailand Startup has been showcasing, advising, and paving the way for many Thailand based startups, within a wide variety of specialties such as Finance, Food and Agriculture, Education, and Entertainment to achieve their ultimate goals with ease. This […]

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STKTK is now No Spoilers

We are excited to announce that we are changing our name! We are still the same company. Our team has not changed, except the new people who keep joining us. We are committed to building great software for the benefit of your restaurant, just under a new brand – No Spoilers! Movies and food Just […]

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