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The basic function of the system is to quickly and accurately measure the content of a bottle based on its weight. It is possible thanks to our Bluetooth scale paired with the mobile application. All management activities such as data analysis, employee management, document generation and reporting are performed in a web application.


Applications work on widely accessible devices such as smartphones, mobile PCs and PCs, so you do not have to buy extra equipment to use STKTK.


The clear and simple format of the data reported in the web application makes it easy to read and analyze them.


The system automatically generates documents and organizes them.

Software + Hardware

The mobile application is compatible with the Bluetooth scale that is provided by us for free.

Data export

All collected information can be downloaded and saved to your device at any time.

Ease of use

We created an intuitive and easy to use interface.



Product Identification

Quickly identify products using a built-in barcode reader or with product name dynamic search.

Open and Full Bottles

Stktk allows to stock control opened and full liqueur bottles. Gather beverages amount using Stktk smart scale connected to the mobile application installed on a smartphone. Collected data is stored in the cloud – instantly available. online. Assign employees to storage stock control and a supply order verification.


Staff Management

Add your employees to Stktk platform. Employees using Stktk mobile application will collect stock data for you. Give tasks and control work progress.

Bar Structure

Organize your venue with multi-level storage structure. Divide bars with separate storage units (like wine fridge, freezer, beverage fridge, etc.) to make stock control easily controlled process.


Loss Reporting

Be up to date with every beverage portion waste. Stktk losses module allows employees to register wasted products with defined waste reason. No more ‘unknown’ losses.

Order Generation

Be up to date with every beverage portion waste. Stktk losses module allows employees to register wasted products with defined waste reason. No more ‘unknown’ losses.


Incoming Order Control

Employees verify incoming supply orders by comparing order list in the mobile application with delivered products. After employee’s manual confirmation products are added to storage level and their verification status is available in the management web panel.


Create a supplier list and link them to products sold in your venues.



Generate final stock control reports whenever you need. With data collected by employees and point-of-sale integration, you have deep business insight at any time. Make an everyday stock control report your new habit.
With frequent reports you will quickly find out why and where waste happen – was it a spillage? Do your employees know the recipes? Did all sales were registered? Do bartenders overpour beverage portions? The answer to these question is found in stock control reports.
Reports are the best tool to identify losses and keep them low.

Data Export

All data collected with Stktk can be easily exported as .xlsx, .csv or .txt file.


SKU Management

Whenever you need to stock control crafted products or products unavailable in Stktk database you can add your own SKU.

Walkthrough & Support

Getting familiar with Stktk platform is really easy. Take a quick tour of Stktk usage by finishing the walkthrough. If some things are not clear enough you should contact us straight away! We are always eager to give you a hand. Stktk team is available on the in-app communicator.


Pricing Plans


59 € / month

Record data in the cloud
Fluid calculating algorithms
Make and control orders
One restaurant
Unlimited Employees

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Finally, I found a tool that made the flow of information between employees and management a reality. I forgot to mention notes with incompatible invoices or missing items. The management life of my premises became much easier when it transferred some of the basic duties to staff, without losing control.

Robert, Owner of Atelier Club in Sopocie

The business that I run requires me to be flexible and accurate in managing the stored material. Any unsuccessful purchases follow me for a long time. Thanks to STKTK I always know how much goods I have and what I might need.

Mateusz Zyskowski, Owner of Premium Bars

Running a catering establishment requires efficient organization of work. Running two locations means twice as much trouble - documents, orders, invoices. You can get lost. Since I managed the stores and orders by STKTK everything has become simpler. I do not have to control orders. I do not have to stand in the closets for hours at a time. STKTK gave me a gift - I have more time.

Krzysztof Sympatique, Co-owner of Serio and Śródmieście in Gdyna

Our Team

Bartosz Firmowski

Bartosz Firmowski

Bar management specialist. Conducted thousands of stocktakes. His knowledge and experience made STKTK possible.
Michał Kowalkowski

Michal Kowalkowski

Specializes in Node.js and real time technologies. He actively participates in open source projects.

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